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Hydrating Lip Scrub


Pulp Lips Hydrating lip Scrub

The soft treatment for dry lips. Enriched in castor oil, the pulplips lip balm brings long term comfort and protection. The natural agents eliminate chapped lips calms pulling.

Capacity- 10ml

Finished with chapped lips

Cold and wind in winter, salt and uv in summer: your lips are on the front line of outdoor aggressions. To preserve your smile from chapping and other uncomfortable stinging , Pulp Lipscreated the ultimate anti dryness treatment: a lip balm enriched with castor oil.

Daily beauty treatment

Easy to apply on your finger, the pulplips lip balm can be used throughout the day. Its formula enriched in nourishing natural agents bring immediate comfort to dry lips.

Base for lipstick

The secret to long lasting makeup, nicely hydrated skin. Lips are a fragile part of the face. Made by European experts in a lab, the pulplips cosmetic treatment prolongs the wear of your lipstick.

Hydrates & plumps your lips within minutes

Made with natural ingredients and repairing and plumping agents

Direct effect on the collagen and elasticity, smooths any fine lines

Respects European cosmetic laws