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Our story

A lip plumping treatment

You are beautiful the way you are. Although, very often, thin lips are a source of insecurity. Pulp lips is here to give your natural beauty a boost. A simple and pain free gest to pamper your lips on a daily basis. If pampering yourself is a first step towards making yourself feel better then we have fulfilled our mission.

The alternative to injections

Pulp Lips’ best-selling product is obviously the lip volumizing Kit. A no risk and efficient solution to get and keep beautiful plump lips. For an even more efficient result, we offer a range of treatments exclusively dedicated to this sensitive part of the face. Nourishing balm, exfoliating scrub, hydrating masks: everything for lips to die for.

Franco-Spanish manufacturing

Excellence is one of the values we stand for.

That's why Pulp Lips lip care products are : Rich in natural ingredients (mint, castor oil)

Entirely designed and developed in French and Spanish laboratories.

The nourishing agents in the treatment bring an intense hydration to the most delicate lips. All pulplips cosmetics are without allergens and tested under dermatologic control: a soft treatment for the most fragile lips

Hydrates & plumps your lips within minutes

A minty and fresh sensation

Made with natural ingredients and repairing and plumping agents

Direct effect on the collagen and elasticity, smooths any fine lines

Respects European cosmetic laws